Dekalb & Ogle County Land Transactions Services

Property Sales List

Document, Buyers Name and address, Sellers Name and address, Property address, City, Zip, Type of property, Township, Property code, Parcel numbers, Property Sale, Property dimensions, Last sale, Buyer phone number

Mortgage Lists

Buyer Name, Lender, Property Address, City, Zip, Parcel number, Mortgage amount, Terms of mortgage

Release of Mortgage

Lender name, Borrower name, Property address, Original mortgage document number

Lis Pendens

Plaintiff, Defendant, Property description, Address, Parcel number, Original Mortgage, Referral Document, Judgment amount.

Miscellaneous Land

Federal tax liens, State tax liens, Mechanic's Lien, Judgments, Small Claims and Money Judgments, Foreclosures

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